Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"The White Council" on QGN!

If you've ever wondered how The Lord of the Rings Online stacks up to Tolkien's lore, wonder no more! "The White Council", a new YouTube series from the folks at The Quest Gaming Network, aims to use the popular MMO as a means of teaching others about the deeper meanings behind The Lord of the Rings and some of Tolkien's other writings. 
Source: Twitter
I'm pleased to announce that I (rather, my Champion) will be among the series' rotating hosts as my schedule allows. The show will release on Mondays and Fridays at noon EST with the first episode scheduled for Monday, June 30; in the meantime, you can follow The White Council and Quest Gaming Network on Twitter and 'like' the network on Facebook!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I play a lot of video games – particularly MMOs and Pokémon.

You can regularly find me in:

The Lord of the Rings Online
  • Belegraen – 24 Elf Warden
  • Beora – 16 Woman Burglar
  • Beornara – 87 Woman Captain
  • Beruthien – 66 Elf Rune-Keeper
  • Bodivar – 45 Dwarf Minstrel
  • Bregolad – 95 Man Hunter
  • Brittanyia – 95 Elf Champion
  • Brondolfur – 28 Dwarf Guardian
  • Brytja – 61 Woman Lore-master
Guild Wars 2
  • Brynae – 20 Norn Warrior
  • Ketawyn – 8 Sylvari Ranger 
Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Teivra – 17 Sith Bounty Hunter
  • Brytia – 11 Jedi Trooper
  • Celares – 21 High Elf Warrior
I also play Defiance, TERA, Forsaken World, and Star Trek Online, but not enough to remember any of my characters/stats off the top of my head!

Pokémon Cosplay

As it stands, I'm planning on attending at least three upcoming conventions – Boston Comic Con in August, Granite State Comic Con in September, and SuperMegaFest in November (hoping to make NorthEast Comic Con in December, but they haven't put out many details yet).

I want to start cosplaying more; and smaller, local conventions like these are the best way to get my foot in the door. Unfortunately, my mother's sewing machine has been broken for some time now, so I doubt I'll be able to make any more Tolkien-themed outfits anytime soon. I've started thinking about easier outfits I could make, either by compiling pieces from my closet or buying something in a store and then altering it.

I've always wanted to be a Pokémon Trainer, and because I have so many toys from the franchise, I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to put together my own Trainer outfit. So around I dug through my closet to see what I could find:

  • Schoolgirl skirt - I forgot I had this from high school, but I am so glad I kept it.
  • Red wig - voluminous enough to look like something from an anime; but it's tangled after years of neglect, and if I'm going to do an anime cosplay, I think I'll want brighter hair.
  • Pokédex - from the 1990s. Still running on its original batteries, too!
  • Pokéballs - I've been periodically buying these Pokémon figures which come with Pokéballs. I'd love to grab a few more for my costume; but if not, I probably have more in my chest of Pokémon toys!
  • Pokémon - Off the top of my head, I have a few plushies to choose from: Pikachu, Tepig, Chikorita, Vaporeon, mini Charmander, and mini Flareon – and many more packed in my parents' shed, which we're going to try and get out within the next couple of weeks. I have so many Pokémon dolls to choose from, but at the same time, I want to find one that is a realistic size (for instance, my Vaporeon doll is large, but in "real life", it would be too small to be a real Vaporeon).
The entire outfit could change; but at least now I know I have a backup if I don't figure out something else! As it stands, I think I'll be wearing this one to Granite State Comic Con in September! (Don't worry! I'll be posting more photos as the outfit comes together!)